Thrive Mastermind

A yearlong high touch experience for high-level entrepreneurs ready to grow their impact and income.

A dedicated space to learn road-tested solutions to scale with intention, this group is your opportunity to get advice, insights, feedback and accountability from a close-knit community of likeminded female founders as committed to your success as their own.  


Growing your business doesn’t need to feel overwhelming; nor should it feel like a strain. There’s a smarter way to grow – and it’s far less complicated than you think. 

It’s a way that allows you to grow your income more than you’ve ever imagined while working less with a greater focus on leveraged tasks that truly move the needle.

It enables you to attract your ideal clients with ease and do the work that truly energises you so that you have more time to spend investing in your life outside of work, too. 

When you have the right strategies in place, you’re creating a strong foundation that empowers you to create a life and business you love. 

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re ready for more...

MORE INCOME: You're ready to generate multiple six figures in your business and a six figure income to match.

MORE IMPACT: You're ready to reach and serve more people without burn out.

MORE INFLUENCE: You're ready to be recognised as a leader in your space.

I'm Naomi Powell and I'm here as living proof that it is possible to create a sustainable six figure business on your own terms.

This year, I've worked an average of 15 hours a week in my business while I've prioritised family and spending time with my newborn. The best part? Because I've created scalable systems and a profitable service suite, my bottom line grows each month and my business continues to run like clockwork while I spend more time with family, away from my desk.

My zone of genius is supporting five and six figure entrepeneurs scale online services so they can work less and earn more. 

I've worked with countless female founders to go from solopreneur to CEO with profitable service suites and I'd love to deep dive with you.

In Thrive, we support you to step into the CEO role in your business. We help you transition out of being the bottleneck in your growth by helping you get crystal clear on the high leverage tasks you're positioned to do, while providing you with a framework to automate and delegate the rest. We work with you to amp up sales by helping you hone in on marketing and sales strategies that consistently bring in highly qualified prospects and support you in creating a strong customr experience to make sure you're retaining clients and increasing lifetime value.

The Experience


It’s a group of laser focused entrepreneurs dedicated to taking their business to the next level.

What makes a mastermind different to 1:1 coaching or a group coaching program is that it’s not about passive learning. On top of the guidance and strategic support you get from your mentor, you’re also able to troubleshoot with your peers and overcome challenges as one MASTERmind.  


Through private 1:1 coaching calls and group mastermind calls, we'll come together as a collective to stretch one another out of your comfort zones, hold each other accountable, ask for help when you feel stuck and get access to proven strategies you can execute to move the needle.

COMMUNITY & SUPPORT For one full year, you’ll be a member of a tight knit group of female entrepreneurs who are just as invested in your success as they are in their own. You’ll have people to share and brainstorm with; people who will hold you accountable for hitting the goals you’ve set.


Knowledge isn't power; applied knowledge is. That's why accountability is built-in to the program. Via our private Slack group, you'll be able to get Naomi's eyeballs on your work and get real time feedback on what you're working on as you execute. Each week, we'll hold you accountable with weekly accountability check-ins to make sure you're moving your business forward and actually implementing. Nobody gets left behind.

This Mastermind Is For You If:

✔ You’re ready to transition from ‘getting by’ to stepping into your full potential both personally and in your business.

✔ You suffering from analysis paralysis, you're holding yourself to impossible standards or you're battling with limiting beliefs that are holding you back but are ready to lean in and do the inner work.

✔ You want to start working smarter, not harder. You don't have systems or you know they aren't scalable. You're ready to build an infrastucture that allows you to grow while claiming your time back.

✔ You’re overwhelmed with information and done trying to figure everything out on your own. You want support from a mentor who’s been there and can help you build a wildly profitable business that feels good and expansive to run. 

✔ You’re fed up with inconsistency in your income and want to reliably generate five figure months and attract dream clients you love working with.  

✔ You want to elevate your network and surround yourself with people who encourage you to up-level, who truly get you and are just as committed to growing as you are. 

Imagine How It Would Feel To:

✔ Have a crystal clear roadmap for increasing your income and impact in a way that feels doable and truly aligned for you. 

✔ Be supported to put systems in place to help you grow, simplify and scale your business while reducing your working hours.

✔ Have the tools you need to free yourself from the thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back from stepping into that next version of yourself. 

✔ Form relationships with women that you can turn to, to crowdsource ideas, troubleshoot and really learn and grow with. Women who support and celebrate you while holding you accoutable for implementing on your dreams.

✔ Make quatum leaps in your impact and income while actually enjoying the process

✔ Cultivate a growing audience of raving fans who are ready and excited to invest in what you have to offer.

Over 12 Months You'll Get Access To:

PRIVATE 1:1 COACHING: Outside of our group sessions, you'll have one 60-minute private coaching session with me each quarter (or monthly 30-minute check in sessions for early bird members) to deep dive into your business and work together on a personalised action plan (worth £3,000). 

MONTHLY MASTERMIND CALLS: Get the expert support and guidance your business needs and troubleshoot with the other women in the group in our bi-monthly group calls. On each call you'll have the opportunity to have your own hot seat, where you can share the top things you need support with that week and can have the whole group brainstorm ideas and solutions for you. This isn't your average feedback. You're getting real time insights from likeminded founders who've been there and can help you move forward (worth £10,000).

BONUS 3-DAY IN PERSON MASTERMIND RETREAT: This three-day getaway is your opportunity to work strategically 'on' your business and learn from myself and guest speakers, all while connecting with the other women in the group IRL. Dates are flexible (we take a vote based on the group's availability). (Worth £7,000 - flights and accomodation not included). 

ACCESS TO ALL TLE TEMPLATES & PAID RESOURCES: Any template I sell or use in my business is yours to use (£1,500).

 COMMUNITY: For 12-months, you'll be able to crowdsource ideas, get feedback in real time and learn what's working in the businesses of other creative founders. You'll have the support you need to make major strides in your business, the accountability you need to execute and a group of women you can collaborate with and learn from.  

COACHING IN AN EXCLUSIVE SLACK GROUP: Connect with other like-minded women in a private group on Slack. This is where you'll get your questions answered (outside of the live calls) and feel fully supported to grow your business and change your life (worth £5,400).

Total Value: £30k +

Client Success Stories

Prior to working with Naomi I had been working for myself for a year and a half. I had a big vision, but not so much knowledge about what I needed to do day to day to begin moving closer to manifesting my vision. Working with Naomi has helped me be accountable to someone else and to have an ongoing list of action items that I can implement on a daily basis to get my business moving.  

The strategies I’ve been able to implement have allowed my business to earn more and continue to generate revenue ongoing. Half way through last year I already generated what I made the entire year before.  

Another breakthrough has been how to successfully launch a program, and not leave the sign ups to chance. There are metrics you can put in place that help you to reach your goals. Naomi demystified all of this for me. It really takes the worry and anxiety out of the launch process and allows for more fun and enjoyment.  

Naomi is like red bull for your career. She has lovingly held the container for my growth (the good and the painful), each session we celebrate my wins (even the little ones), and has been an unlimited well of information and strategy for my business. If you want to catapult your business into the next stratosphere and you are willing to put in the work, she’s an amazing coach to work with. I am continuosly inspired and stretched beyond my comfort zone and it’s exactly what I’ve been craving.  

Nicole Cichocki, founder of Truth, Beauty & Goodness 

There were a few areas I was finding challenging in my business before working with Naomi and to be honest wasn't sure where to start as everything seemed like a priority! Being able to work through a structured plan; tackling one area at a time and working through at a pace that ensured I understood, Naomi's guidance was invaluable and made me feel like I had a plan of action and that overcoming these challenges was totally within my grasp.

Being able to understand my financial position and plan my business strategy with that in mind has been a game changer. As a confident creative, numbers are where I fall apart! Naomi guided me through ways to plan financially and introduce new financial strategies that have helped me look at my business from a completely different, positive perspective.  

Also understanding how to overcome the time-poor, experience rich aspect of my position in the business and be able to develop and evolve using new ones is one of the important changes I have made for the better in my business.  

Naomi is a strategy power-house who comes from a confident, experienced place but also has the empathy and understanding of a driven entrepreneur that makes her the perfect coach for entrepreneurs looking for support and advice in their business. She is a business coach with a wide reach that touches on many aspects of entrepreneurship; from finance to social media to the day to day well being.

Claire Foster, founder of Sourced Vintage Studio

Before I met Naomi, my business was basically a disorganised mess. Yes, I had a vision for where I wanted to go but with so many ideas floating around in my head, too many people giving me conflicting information and too many half-finished online courses, I realised I wasn’t going to reach the end goal any time soon. From the very first session with Naomi, the confusion was lifted and I had guidelines with actionable steps. The unwanted clutter was cleared away and for the first time, a clear pathway could be seen in the direction I wanted to go.  

By implementing the simple but powerful strategies Naomi gave me, everything became easier. I became more organised and started to attract the perfect clients for my business.  

Naomi is like a house clearer for your business. She walks you through every corner of your business, throws out the unwanted and replaces it with a new lease of life. She’s your inspiration when things seem tough, she’s your motivator and your guiding light who is just full of information. Apart from Naomi being a MUST for any business that wants to succeed, she is the loveliest and sweetest person you could ever imagine to meet.  

Dawn Simone, founder of Elle Voyage

Naomi has had the single biggest impact on my business since I started working with her 6 months ago. She guided me at a critical moment to step back, plan strategically, and create systems and partnerships that support the long term sustainability of Big Lives as a prosperous lifestyle business. 

She’s helped me think about how I want to spend my time, develop as a thought leader, grow as an entrepreneur…and design my business activities and goals accordingly.  

Every session with Naomi brings a level of insight and accountability that leaves me motivated and certain of strategic direction. 

Her marketing expertise informs invaluable best practices and her introductions have lead to important collaborations. 

She is a true coach, empowering my success through questioning, challenging, and advising in a way that inspires growth. 

I am forever grateful for the impact Naomi’s had on my business and highly recommend her to women looking to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality!  

– Sam Alston, founder of Big Lives

Step 1

Book a complimentary discovery call. When you schedule, we'll also ask you to answer a few application questions to let us know a bit about your business upfront. 

Step 2

On our call, we’ll discuss your needs and goals and see if you’re a good fit for the Mastermind (and to see if it's is a good fit for you.) There’s no obligation to join and no deposit required when you book a call; just the opportunity to find out more about the program.

Step 3

If your application is approved, a member of our team will reach out to you within 24 hours of the call with next steps on how to secure your place with a deposit.