6 Month Private Coaching With Naomi Powell

You’ve already achieved so much with your business.

You’re an expert at what you do. The clients you do have, love you and can’t thank you enough for the transformations you’ve facilitated in their lives.

You want to support as many people as possible to get results like that, while building a thriving business of your own but the freedom and "next level" income that other service providers talk about seems to elude you.

You’re working hard and doing all the things but you know you’re only scratching the surface of the kind of income and impact that’s possible for you.


Right now, your reality may look a bit like this:

  • You don’t have as many clients as you’d like and when you do sign them, it feels like a fluke or like it requires constant hustling and pushing to make it happen.
  • You’re constantly doubting your rates or feeling like you need to convince someone to invest in you. While you know you’re undercharging, you default into charging less, discounting or use your marketing and sales calls to overcoming objections in order to book clients.
  • You have brief moments where you feel unwavering and like you have everything inside of you to make things happen, only to fall back into self-doubt and feeling like nothing is working just moments later.
  • Your income feels inconsistent and, even when you have hit some big milestones in revenue, your take home pay isn’t where you’d hoped it would be at this point.

If any of this rings true for you, I understand because I've been there.

I’ve felt each and every one of those things before things changed.

One day, I decided that I was done allowing my fears to run the show.

I was done clinging on to comfort and and decided to chose growth over safety.

I was no longer available for operating below what I knew I was truly capable of.

Marketing our businesses is simply allowing the people who will be most transformed by our work that we exist.

I knew I had created something powerful and I knew that myself and others stood to gain from me showing up so I refused to shrink.

I finally decided to make this business operate in the way I’d always wanted it to - profitable pricing, empowered clients, and massive flow and expansion in my life

The only reason you haven’t unlocked your next level is because, while you’ve got the delivery of your service on lock, your business strategy and mindset as a business owner has room to grow.

And that’s something we can work on.

Scaling a business doesn’t need to be hard. And I don’t believe that there’s one a size fits all approach to scaling.

I believe you can hit the goals, do it a whole lot faster than you think and all in a way that works for YOU.

In this private coaching container, we’re going to do it together.

In just six months.

I reopened my private coaching to support coaches and consultants who are amazing at what they do but are chronically underpaid.

Entrepreneurs who have a small pool of clients but are ready to get their work out there to more people and drastically scale their income in the process.

By the end of our time together, you’ll either have hit the revenue goal we set together or be solidly on your way to get there, with the mindset shifts and strategic plan to make that an inevitability.

I will coach you through everything I know about growing a business with heart so that you can blow your own mind with the results you create AND enjoy the process while doing so.


Okay, so these are THE core reasons you’re not financially where you want to be right now:

  • Your mindset is at odds with your goals
  • You don’t know how to create marketing that consistently inspires people to buy now
  • You don’t have a profitable offer
  • You haven’t mastered aligned sales yet
  • You haven’t built scalable systems and processes to claim your time back

By the end of our time together, none of those will be an issue for you.

There is no question or challenge that you could have as you scale your business that we won’t work through between our calls and support between sessions.



6 monthly payments of $4,745 (£3,500)

Here’s what you get inside this 6 month mentorship:

  • 12, 45min sessions (2 per month)
  • Unlimited access for mindset and strategic support via Voxer audio messages
  • Unlimited feedback on your copy and marketing via Slack 
  • Access to all courses and past and current workshops
  • Access to the Grow with Intention Membership throughout the course of your 6 months, which includes a strategic planning session, hot seat coaching, content audits, live strategic trainings and Q&A call every month.

I have four spots available in 2021. Once these slots are filled, I will not have any availability for private coaching until late Spring 2022.

You won’t have to work every hour under the sun to make your goals happen. In fact, I’m going to support you in tweaking your business model in a way that allows you to earn more while working less.

Your business is yours and that’s why the way we work together in scaling yours is 100% based around what feels light and expansive for you. I’m not here to build your business around the way I run mine. I'm here to support you into stepping into the CEO role of your business and making powerful, executive decisions of your own.

And I know you’ve probably invested in programs that haven’t worked before. 

So know this…

If you have had results and wins from my free content (my mini trainings, my newsletter, the podcast…), you can imagine what magic we can create when it’s just you and I and we’re going all in on the intricacies of YOUR business.

Between our bi-monthly calls and the daily support on Voxer, there’s no falling through the cracks and not implementing. I’ll be there to not only support you to create the kind of strong habits that make showing up easy and consistent, but I’ll also be there to support you and help you reconnect to why you’re doing this when you need the reminder.