You love what you do and, despite limiting beliefs that may creep up, you know that your clients are forever changed by your work; work that you’re ready to get into the hands of as many people as possible...

You’re working hard doing all the things, following blueprints from the "gurus" that never felt aligned and you’re ready to claim your power back and be supported in creating a growth plan that feels uniquely yours.

You know you’re only scratching the surface of the kind of income and impact that’s possible for you and are feeling called to up-level your beliefs around what’s possible for you and drop the stress and pressure and mental drama about really going for your desires.


Right now your reality may look a bit like this:

·       You don’t have clients – or not as many as you’d like – and when you do sign them, it feels like a fluke or as though it required constant hustling and pushing to make it happen.

·       Even though you know you’re good at what you do, you’re not fully sold on your offers and find yourself constantly questioning whether they’re robust “enough”, whether they’ll get the clients results or if they’re good enough compared to your competitors. The result? You avoid selling and marketing your services and it shows in your revenue.

·       When you do share about your services, if you don’t get an immediate result, your confidence begins to flail, you don’t see it your launch the whole way through and you start to feel like nothing is working.

·       You find yourself second guessing your rates or feeling like you need to convince people to invest in you. While you know you’re undercharging, you default into charging less, discounting or using your marketing or sales calls to overcome objections in order to book clients.

·       Fear of the unknown prevents you from taking action, validating your offers and generating sales so you buffer by learning ore tips, tricks and tactics, getting stuck in thinking that you need to test, tweak and change things before actually putting anything out there.

It’s one thing to decide to start a coaching or consulting business.

It’s another thing entirely to have a reliable way of consistently attracting and converting clients.

Creating desires for our offers through magnetic marketing and having a sales system for converting that demand is the lifeblood of any business.

So too, is having a mindset that’s conducive for growth.

In Grow With Intention, we combine strategy with mindset so that you can not only grow your impact and revenue, but love the journey while doing so.

According to the 2019 AMEX State of Women in Business Report:

-       75% of women entrepreneurs are generating less than $50,000 a year in gross revenue; the majority of which are generating less than $30,000 a year in gross revenue

-       Only 12% are breaking the six figure mark

 We’re committed to changing that.

And it’s not about chasing vanity metrics.

We know that when female entrepreneurs are able to generate $100k + in revenue:

-       They’re able to invest in software and systems that allow their businesses to run efficiently without them.

-       They’re empowered to delegate and outsource administrative tasks to claim their time back; time that can be spent driving revenue and doing the meaningful work they love.

-       They’re able to take home a consistent salary in a way that provides security and peace of mind with their personal finances. 

What We'll Cover

Laying The Foundation & Crafting Your Offer: We’re going to help you find your niche, define your target audience and lay a solid foundation. We'll uncover how your passions and natural talents connect with the transformations your ideal clients are willing to invest in to craft offers and messages that truly speak to their desires. 

Master Your Message: We'll narrow in on your secret sauace and break through any mental blocks you have so you can share your gifts with the world. You'll get crystal clear on your brand values and how they connect with your ideal clients and will confidently be able to communicate who you are, what you do and why in all of your marketing material. You'll confidently be equipped to position your business as an authority in your sector.

Building Your Profitable Audience, Creating Content That Sells: You’ll learn how to attract and nurture clients across platforms in a way that gets them excited to work with you. Better yet, we'll teach you how to continually use content to fill your pipeline so you can transition out of the feast and famine cycle.

Building Your Product Suite & Ascension Plan: We’ll show you how to translate the varying needs of your target audience into a product suite with a sliding scale of price points to diversify your income streams. You’ll learn how to communicate your offers in a way that establishes you as an authority, not a commodity, so you can get paid more. We'll guide you on how to set your rates and pricing in a profitable way and you'll have access to a proven system to support your clients and cutomers through the on-boarding process along with strategies to increase client retention.

Confident & Aligned Selling: If you can’t confidently sell your product or service, you don’t have a business. That’s why we’ll help you bust through your money blocks, overcome underearning and work through any upper limit problems or resistance stopping you from generating the revenue you know you can. We'll walk you through how to connect and close clients and customers in a way that doesn’t feel salesy and give you solid techniques for sales calls and proposals. You’ll feel confident about your pricing and the value you’re bringing to the table so you can effortlessly grow your bottom line.  

Increased Visibility And Demand: With the foundation established, you’ll learn how to secure press coverage in print and digital platforms to increase the awareness for what you do. You'll uncover a step by step process for securing highly converting strategic partnerships to take the stress away from finding new leads.  

Systems and Automations: Creating a real freedom business doesn't happen accidentally. You'll learn the software and tools you can use to run your business on autopilot and give you the freedom to step into your zone of genius and have more time for the things that matter outside of work too.

Mindset 101: You can have all the strategy in the world. To truly make it effective requires doing the mindset work. The group format will provide a safe incubator for you to up-level your mindset and challenge any limiting beliefs and create new ones that actually support your goals.

What's Included:

In Grow With Intention, you’ll find every training you need to grow your business to six figures in revenue.

When you sign up, you get instant access to our entire back catalogue of content. No waiting for modules to unlock. Binge watch the trainings or pick the most relevant one at a time, it’s up to you. You’ll have access to the course and the resources in our private Slack community for as long as you are a member.

On top of all catalogue of trainings, YOU get to decide what comes next.

The monthly trainings and group coaching calls are guided by your unique needs so you will never not know your next step whether strategic or mindset, in order to rise into your next level. 

MONTHLY CUSTOM BUSINESS & MINDSET TRAININGS DELIVERED BY NAOMI: To support you to hit consistent 10k months without resorting to burn out and overwhelm, Naomi will walk you through the frameworks she teaches clients in her $20k private coaching packages. You’ll learn how to craft and price your offers, master your message and establish marketing and sales systems that consistently attract and convert the people you were meant to work with. You'll have the opportunity to request trainings you want Naomi to deliver and have your questions answered in the training.

MONTHLY BUSINESS & MINDSET ASSIGNMENTS: These are designed to support you in taking action on everything you’re learning to help you move the needle faster. You’ll also get the opportunity to share your assignments in a thread to receive feedback from Naomi.

HIGH END SUPPORT WITHOUT THE HIGH-TICKET PRICE TAG IN MONTHLY Q&A SESSIONS WITH NAOMI: These calls are your opportunity to ask all of your burning mindset and business questions in a safe, confidential place to get the support you need to move forward. Nothing is off the table. Whether you have questions for Naomi on how she runs her business or are unsure exactly what you need but know something feels off, bring it all to the table.

SUPPORT & COMMUNITY IN A PRIVATE SLACK GROUP: A private, premium Slack community of like-minded female founders who are just as serious about growing their businesses as you are. This is where you'll get feedback on assignments and post your questions questions so you feel fully supported in-between trainings. Nothing will get in your way in moving forward because you'll have Naomi at your fingertips daily to support you with your next steps, challenge you to rise up to your next level self and call you back to focus on pursuing your goals in the most easeful and aligned way, honoring your bigger vision.  

Member Wins

Client Success Stories

Here's what our clients have to say...

Prior to working with Naomi I had been working for myself for a year and a half. I had a big vision, but not so much knowledge about what I needed to do day to day to begin moving closer to manifesting my vision. Working with Naomi has helped me be accountable to someone else and to have an ongoing list of action items that I can implement on a daily basis to get my business moving.  

The strategies I’ve been able to implement have allowed my business to earn more and continue to generate revenue ongoing. Half way through the year I’ve already generated what I made last year.  

Another breakthrough has been how to successfully launch a program, and not leave the sign ups to chance. There are metrics you can put in place that help you to reach your goals. Naomi demystified all of this for me. It really takes the worry and anxiety out of the launch process and allows for more fun and enjoyment.  

Naomi is like red bull for your business. She has lovingly held the container for my growth (the good and the painful), each session we celebrate my wins (even the little ones), and has been an unlimited well of information and strategy for my business. If you want to catapult your business into the next stratosphere and you are willing to put in the work, she’s an amazing coach to work with. I am continuosly inspired and stretched beyond my comfort zone and it’s exactly what I’ve been craving.  

Nicole Cichocki, founder of Truth, Beauty & Goodness 

Naomi has walked the talk, so knowing I had hands-on, loving support to guide me through the process of setting up my new coaching service and getting my first clients was a game-changer.

Within a space of 12 weeks, I'd launched a coaching offer and signed 7 clients. I was doing webinars and podcast interviews, and it all felt so easy and natural. Signing those first 7 clients felt like the easiest money I'd ever made in my life.

But the biggest win as I see it was the massive mindset shift I made under Naomi's guidance. Before I started working with Naomi, I was really worried about my prices, really afraid of being judged and of being visible. I was used to making a lot of accommodations; as a result, I was only ever giving about 70% of what I could give.

Now I really have become a true Hell Yes! or No person. I politely but firmly turn down opportunities or obligations that really don't excite me, and I even have the confidence to go back and say: Sorry, but I've changed my mind – it's now a no. I feel so at peace because I go to work every day with no bitterness, resentment or regret because I am wholeheartedly invested in everything I do.

As I write this, I have never been more fulfilled with my work, so in awe of the soul clients I get to spend my days with, and so excited about the future. And the work I've done with Naomi has come full-circle. Now it's my coaching clients who are telling me about their huge mindset shifts, financial wins and successful business pivots, and it's a wonderful feeling. This work is generative – it just keeps spreading!

Naomi is nothing less than a genius, able to simultaneously combine motherly attention with strategic business smarts.
- Imogen Roy

Before working with Naomi, I had a lack of systems in place, lack of strategy or of any long term plan, an avoidance of looking at the numbers in my business and lack of confidence to be the CEO. Naomi has supported me with EVERY one of these challenges.

She has helped me figure out the systems I need in place and walked me step-by-step through implementing them. I now KNOW what I need to do in my business and I have a realistic plan to do it.

Naomi has given me the courage to look at the numbers and helped me to feel safe and comfortable talking through them and creating a financial plan and goals for my business -- WITH the business plan to make those goals reality. And, she's been there every step of the way helping with my mindset so I can step into the role of CEO.

I used to think I needed to do it all right now and then I'd get burnt out. But working with Naomi has shown me how to play the long game. I'm so grateful! Also, the space, support, and community to process mindset struggles that come up is huge and has helped me realize that I CAN do this.

- Simi Botic

Before I started working with Naomi, I was feeling really stuck and overwhelmed in my business. I felt like I was working so hard but struggling to see growth. While my client load was filling, it wasn't my ideal clients and I was bending over backwards to meet the needs of other people. I also felt like I didn't have the tools to be putting out more effective content in the most efficient ways. It felt like an ongoing series of throwing spaghetti at the wall with little to no reward/ROI.

Working with Naomi has helped me overcome that in SO MANY WAYS! I have learned so much about organizing the backend of my business, about creating simplicity for my clients and really stepping into a CEO mindset. Naomi has supported me as I raised my rates and made some pretty substantial changes to my work. On a financial level, I doubled my Q1 income from the previous year with the support of the mentorship and guidance and I feel more confident and capable than ever before in my business.

Whenever I doubt myself, have a hard day or something to celebrate, I know I have a community I can share that with. I always leave our conversations flooded with ideas. It is so helpful to feel that I'm not in this alone. For me, being able to tap into the wisdom, guidance and feedback from both the group and Naomi in a moment's notice via Voxer or Slack is tremendously valuable. It helps me overcome hurdles much more quickly, whether it's a mindset challenge, tech or anything else.

There is never a moment where I don't feel supported. I absolutely love my time with Naomi. I can tell that she genuinely cares about me, my work and my business. Her skills are invaluable and I always walk away with SO MUCH when we have our 1-1 calls.

I think some of the biggest shifts for me have been on my mindset. I'm really starting to understand that I CAN do the things I dream of. Working with Naomi has expanded my understanding of how I can best support my clients as a coach. I've put plans into place for main focuses each week, month or quarter and I'm ACTUALLY seeing them through. Imperfect action has been the name of the game and I'm seeing the benefits.

- Rachel Whittaker

There were a few areas I was finding challenging in my business before working with Naomi and to be honest wasn’t sure where to start as everything seemed like a priority. Being able to work through a structured plan; tackling one area at a time and working through at a pace that ensured I understood, Naomi’s guidance was invaluable and made me feel like I had a plan of action and that overcoming these challenges was totally within my grasp.  

Being able to understand my financial position and plan my business strategy with that in mind has been a game changer. As a confident creative, numbers are where I fall apart. Naomi guided me through ways to and introduce new financial strategies that have helped me look at my business from a completely different, positive perspective. 

Also, understanding how to overcome the time-poor, experience rich aspect of my position in the business and be able to develop and evolve using new ones is one of the important changes I have made for the better in my business.  

Naomi is a strategy power-house who comes from a confident, experienced place but also has the empathy and understanding of a driven entrepreneur that makes her the perfect coach for entrepreneurs looking for support and advice in their business. She is a business coach with a wide reach that touches on many aspects of entrepreneurship; from finance to social media to the day to day well being.  

– Claire Foster, founder of Sourced Vintage Studio

Naomi has had the single biggest impact on my business since I started working with her 6 months ago. 

She guided me at a critical moment to step back, plan strategically, and create systems and partnerships that support the long term sustainability of Big Lives as a prosperous lifestyle business. 

She’s helped me think about how I want to spend my time, develop as a thought leader, grow as an entrepreneur…and design my business activities and goals accordingly.  

Every session with Naomi brings a level of insight and accountability that leaves me motivated and certain of strategic direction. Her marketing expertise informs invaluable best practices and her introductions have lead to important collaborations. She is a true coach, empowering my success through questioning, challenging, and advising in a way that inspires growth. I am forever grateful for the impact Naomi’s had on my business and highly recommend her to women looking to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality!  

– Sam Alston, founder of Big Lives






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